Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flower Season

Today is going to be a crazy hectic day. Some classtime, then volunteering for my assignment. Oh, and not to mention theweather that is coming my way this afternoon.
So anyway. As I'm sitting in classrightnow, I am clearly not paying attention and doing some online window shopping instead. I have found some really lovely pieces that is a must have for my spring wardrobe.
Some few key pieces have caught my eye. pairing them with something simple will make a nice chic outfit. Not to mention, you can combine florals with prints if matched correctly. I definitely cannot wait till I go shopping for my spring wardrobe. :)

Springtime Shorts - Forever 21 $21.80

Rose Garden Top - Forever 21 $12.50

Arbour - Aldo - $35

Infinite Iris Tank - Anthropologie $58

Pair these florals with a nice nude pair of flats would be a great finishing touch to your outfit ! :)
Cranstona - Aldo $30

ps. here's something fun and exciting that I did at school today. We have these spiral stairs and if you stand in the middle at the bottom, looking up is pretty cool :)

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