Friday, December 18, 2009

so i'm finally done with school for the holidays. yay. fun times. but for some odd reason, i'm bored out of my mind!. i feel like i should be studying. what is up with that?
anyway. where's all the snow? it doesn't even feel like it's christmas anymore. now its just cold. that's no fun.

so recently i've had the urge to start photography. i don't know. i just woke up one day and i was like hmmm i wanna take pictures lol. i found my dad's old camera he bought years ago.. it's actually older than me? wait no i lie. it's just like a year or two younger than me lol. but yes. it's one of those old cameras that uses film. which is good considering its cheap to buy film nowadays. soo this should be interesting. hopefully i can convince him to give it to me since he doesnt even use it anymore. cause according to him, it USED to be one of those really nice, expensive, professional ones. soooo cross your fingers. :)

6 more days till christmas!!
i don't even know if i should be happy or sad about it.. i'm not expecting much this year. i dont know why. who knows, maybe something good will happen to me lol.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Share much?

i don't understand why people have to take up so much space.
there are a small group of guys sitting at A computer at school. my friend and i wanna get to a computer and turns out theres not chair for it. so what do we do? we sat on the table. trying to type on the computer.. when theres fully an extra chair those guys can give us. and they keep looking at us too. i just dont get it. why dont you be a gentleman and SHARE. ? is that so hard to do ? lol. people these days.
or should i say guys at GH these days. it wasn't until the end when we were getting ready to leave when they said, oh you guys can have this chair if you want.
all we did was jsut looked at them thinking are you dumb? but we ended up taking the chair. but still. that was just stupid lol
we ended up creating an event called condoms for christmas. lol. the highlight of my day.

Hello fellow bloggers.

so today i finished one exam. now only 4 more to go. one after another each day. love my life.
it's really really cold outside. and again. christmas is just around the corner!
have you done any christmas shopping?
i kinda did. sorta. just remember. christmas isn't about the gifts, its about being together and it's the thought that counts ! so don't lose yourself in finding the perfect EXPENSIVE gift for that special someone. im sure something cute, cheap will go a long way :) it might even be meaningful to that person lol. just saying.

so i'm sitting here typing away, and drinking my tea and i've realized that my tea has no taste to it.. wheres all the sugar gone? ughs. i'm way too lazy to bother adding some more. and its really hot too. i think i burnt my tongue.

sooo friday night i was drunk, had work in the morning at 6. woke up AT 6. therefore was late for work. turns out i was hungover too. lol. i felt terrible and wanted to throw up every second. thank god the manager wasnt in that morning or i would have been in trouble. my friends would be buying me yummy/icky greasy food to take away the alcohol still in my system. i felt disgusting afterwards but thank god that was gone by 1:30ish. it was a terrible day. just thought i'd share that with you. lol : )


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So why is that when i TRY to study, it doesn't work. but when i need to cram information into my head thats when it works?
it has been said that cramming information is not helpful because you end up not remembering anything you just studied.
so why does it work for me?
maybe it's because i have really bad long term memory. :S
you know who i hate? people who are able to learn things once and will always remember it and know it. my brother is like that. sometimes it's just not fair. cause here i am working my butt off trying to study when my brother will be able to go into an exam without studying and end up with a great mark. thats just poop. lol
anyways. this is procrastination blog number 2. :(

it's suppose to snow tonight. yay or nay?
im still indecisive about that.


Hi there.
So i'm suppose to be studying for exams. and what do you see me doing now? blogging lol. this is new for me... so it shall be interesting.

Christmas is just around the corner! It's so exciting, with all the shopping and presents! :)
what i don't really like is the angry customers doing xmas shopping. working in retail, you learn that these bitches should just stay home and never have xmas lol. as mean as that may sound. they harass you like no tomorrow.

oh well. i guess thats life right?