Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Little Bit of Lace

Good Afternoon fellow bloggers. It's finally Sunday, and I must say I've had an eventful weekend.
Thursday night, I've decided to try something really neat and different.
I read in a fashion magazine a few months ago, and it showed me this really cool trick to have super cray nails. They're basically lace nails! :)

Here a picture of the finished product! It's super cool but really hard to do.
Here's what you need!
- Some lace
- White or Nude colour nail polish
- Clear nail polish
- Scissors

first you cut pieces of lace to match your finger nail size. This is what took me the longest to do. I found that if you use a piece of paper to make the template of your nails, it's a lot easier to cut the lace.
Once that is all done, start applying the white or nude colour nail polish. I would put two or three coats on. As the nail polish is startingto dry. put the lace onto your finger. and gently pushing the lace down so that it sticks onto your finger nails.
Once you've accomplish all 10 fingers, slap on layers and layers of clear nail polish on. If you find that there are bits and pieces of lace sticking out, NOT TO WORRY! It looks a nicer if your lace doesnt look perfect. Gives it a little bit of edge to it ;D
So yes, make sure you put layers and layers of clear nail polish on and once that is all dried, you can then begin to cut the little pieces of lace out. I found it easier to use fabric scissors, as lace is a type of fabric.
It did take me like a day or two for the lace to finally set in. By that, I mean like the lace would start to fray at the tip of the nails. All you need to do is cut them off and start applying some more clear coat on.
But your result looks fabulous! It's a really neat way to change up your boring old nail polish colours. this way, it gives more of a chic look to your outfits :)
Plus it is cheap to do too! Unlike the cool OPI katy perry one, where they cost like $20 for a bottle of nail polish lol.

Clear Nail Polish - Rimmel London $3
Pink/Nude Nail Polish - Essie $4.50
Black Lace - From Fabricland $1.50/m (You only need a metre, if not half a metre)

ps. you don't have to use black lace with white/nude nail polish. Once you've mastered this technique, you can try using white lace with black nail polish. Or anything other colours :)

Happy Painting!

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  1. You did a good job! I really like them