Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So why is that when i TRY to study, it doesn't work. but when i need to cram information into my head thats when it works?
it has been said that cramming information is not helpful because you end up not remembering anything you just studied.
so why does it work for me?
maybe it's because i have really bad long term memory. :S
you know who i hate? people who are able to learn things once and will always remember it and know it. my brother is like that. sometimes it's just not fair. cause here i am working my butt off trying to study when my brother will be able to go into an exam without studying and end up with a great mark. thats just poop. lol
anyways. this is procrastination blog number 2. :(

it's suppose to snow tonight. yay or nay?
im still indecisive about that.

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