Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello fellow bloggers.

so today i finished one exam. now only 4 more to go. one after another each day. love my life.
it's really really cold outside. and again. christmas is just around the corner!
have you done any christmas shopping?
i kinda did. sorta. just remember. christmas isn't about the gifts, its about being together and it's the thought that counts ! so don't lose yourself in finding the perfect EXPENSIVE gift for that special someone. im sure something cute, cheap will go a long way :) it might even be meaningful to that person lol. just saying.

so i'm sitting here typing away, and drinking my tea and i've realized that my tea has no taste to it.. wheres all the sugar gone? ughs. i'm way too lazy to bother adding some more. and its really hot too. i think i burnt my tongue.

sooo friday night i was drunk, had work in the morning at 6. woke up AT 6. therefore was late for work. turns out i was hungover too. lol. i felt terrible and wanted to throw up every second. thank god the manager wasnt in that morning or i would have been in trouble. my friends would be buying me yummy/icky greasy food to take away the alcohol still in my system. i felt disgusting afterwards but thank god that was gone by 1:30ish. it was a terrible day. just thought i'd share that with you. lol : )


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