Thursday, December 10, 2009

Share much?

i don't understand why people have to take up so much space.
there are a small group of guys sitting at A computer at school. my friend and i wanna get to a computer and turns out theres not chair for it. so what do we do? we sat on the table. trying to type on the computer.. when theres fully an extra chair those guys can give us. and they keep looking at us too. i just dont get it. why dont you be a gentleman and SHARE. ? is that so hard to do ? lol. people these days.
or should i say guys at GH these days. it wasn't until the end when we were getting ready to leave when they said, oh you guys can have this chair if you want.
all we did was jsut looked at them thinking are you dumb? but we ended up taking the chair. but still. that was just stupid lol
we ended up creating an event called condoms for christmas. lol. the highlight of my day.


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