Friday, December 18, 2009

so i'm finally done with school for the holidays. yay. fun times. but for some odd reason, i'm bored out of my mind!. i feel like i should be studying. what is up with that?
anyway. where's all the snow? it doesn't even feel like it's christmas anymore. now its just cold. that's no fun.

so recently i've had the urge to start photography. i don't know. i just woke up one day and i was like hmmm i wanna take pictures lol. i found my dad's old camera he bought years ago.. it's actually older than me? wait no i lie. it's just like a year or two younger than me lol. but yes. it's one of those old cameras that uses film. which is good considering its cheap to buy film nowadays. soo this should be interesting. hopefully i can convince him to give it to me since he doesnt even use it anymore. cause according to him, it USED to be one of those really nice, expensive, professional ones. soooo cross your fingers. :)

6 more days till christmas!!
i don't even know if i should be happy or sad about it.. i'm not expecting much this year. i dont know why. who knows, maybe something good will happen to me lol.

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